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Kauai Fresh Farms is a local company that specializes in producing the freshest and highest-quality produce possible for the Kauai community. We started as a small business with a simple idea in 2006– Wai Koa Plantation owners, Bill and Joan Porter, residents of Princeville, believed that there was a lack of good, fresh local produce on Kauai and wanted to do something about it. Despite the abundance of talented, knowledgeable people and an ideal climate for agriculture Kauai still imports much of its food from other places. Their Kilauea-area Wai Koa Plantation had been growing agricultural crops for hundreds of years, from stream-caught fish to sugar to guava (we offer tours of Kauai Fresh Farms and Wai Koa Plantation where you can learn all about the history and sustainable agriculture of the area, please see "Farm and Sustainability Tours"). The Porters decided that Wai Koa was a perfect place to grow food and help bridge that gap. With the help and sound advice of friends and fellow residents, they came to learn about hydroponic growing, the excellent results that it yields, and how to make it a reality on Wai Koa.

Kauai Fresh Farms began growing and delivering their fresh lettuce in 2007, followed by tomatoes, cucumbers, and other specialty crops soon after. Today, we supply all of our produce to Kauai markets, restaurants, resorts, and chefs, and continue to expand our selection of extremely fresh produce available for our Kauai customers. We invite you to try our fresh and delicious produce. Thank you for your interest and for supporting local agriculture!

About Hydroponics

Hydroponics means that plants are grown without soil. Generally, the roots are anchored with a sterile material (such as rockwool, perlite, or gravel) and the plant is fed through irrigation. Using a sterile material instead of soil reduces pests, weeds and soil-borne diseases automatically. Because water is not dispersed over a field, it also reduces our water usage. The roots of the plants are able to take up the water-fed nutrients much more efficiently, making it a much more productive plant.  Some other names for hydroponic systems are "soilless culture", "water culture", and "medium culture," among others.

Growing with hydroponic methods helps us to consistently grow better, higher quality produce in a very clean environment.  If you haven't yet tried our produce, you will be amazed at the high quality and freshness of our hydroponically grown fresh lettuce, kale, tomatoes, cucumbers, and more.

In addition to our hydroponic greenhouses, we are expanding into a variety of organic and field grown crops that we look forward to introducing later this year.


Red and GreeRed and Green Oak Leaf Lettuces at our outdoor lettuce greenhouse  The view from Wai Koa, the site of our greenhouses in Kilauea  test

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